This guide aims to provide a useful framework for high school-level United 4 Social Change clubs.  It draws upon experiences that United 4 Social Change clubs have had for the past few years and highlights successful practices and programs that new and developing United 4 Social Change clubs should work to implement.  We recommend that the presidents of all United 4 Social Change clubs read the document through and ask us questions if there are any.

The Mission Statement

United 4 Social Change is a project to bring together social activists from all different sectors of social change movements and to train new activists to join them. We work primarily by training people to advocate for social issues through both spoken and written forms of communication. We teach high-level argumentation and persuasion to create social advocates.

Why Do It?

There are several benefits of forming a club through our national organization:

  1. Print materials and other supplies provided by the state foundation.
  2. Access to resources and a national network.
  3. Access to standardized and perfected materials for conducting activities.
  4. Funds available upon request from the state foundation to fulfill the foundation’s mission at the local level.
  5. Benefit from being associated with a national organization when conducting activities.