Starting Out

If you’re interested in starting a U4SC club, there are a few steps to take:

  1. Identify a group of motivated people who will be able to form the core of your club.  U4SC clubs rely on dedicated volunteers, and by having a few interested people to start with, it becomes much easier to initiate United 4 Social Change’s programs and then recruit more volunteers later on.
  2. Find an advisor and register the club with the school.  Find a teacher at your school who can serve an advisory role to the club.  Most high schools require school clubs to be registered with the main office, and it is often required to have a school-affiliated adult overseeing school club meetings and events.  While United 4 Social Change clubs are student-run and do not depend on advisors to carry out any specific duties, advisors can often provide valuable insight on projects and can be a great help.
  3. Set a meeting date and place.  You should hold meetings on a weekly basis.  Often U4SC clubs elect to hold these meetings after school in the library, cafeteria, or an advisor’s room.  It is important that you set a single day of the week (e.g. Thursday) as the meeting day so members do not get confused by sporadic meeting scheduling on different days.  It is a good practice to send out emails to members the day before every meeting to remind them in case they forget.
  4. Once you have gone through the first few steps of Starting a U4SC Club, fill out the form below. In the meantime, if you have any aditional questions, you can reach us at [email protected]. We’ll be in touch shortly!


Clubs 4 Social Change Registration

Misc. Information

Only the National Headquarters may hold a bank account. All donations must be sent to the national headquarters on at least a quarterly basis. You must apply for funding from the National HQ for anything not previously budgeted. All receipts must be scanned and stored in a database. Checks from National HQ will be sent through the mail to the address provided (most likely the PO Box). When in doubt, contact the national office.