There are many different programs you can initiate through the U4SC club to help enlight, ignite, and unite the community!

Hold Events in Your Schools to Raise Awareness About Social Issues

Along with choosing a social issue to discuss each week, club members should brainstorm creative ideas for implementing awareness throughout the school. This means hosting events (after getting permission) after school relating to the issue. Some ideas club members might want to consider are activities that are entertaining and informing. For example, a game of jeopardy can encourage students to see how well-informed they are and is a fun way to get everyone to work in teams.

Fundraise For Social Issues

A huge part of raising awareness is holding fundraisers for each issue as well. Encourage club members to participate in bake sales, or even incorporate money-raising activities into your events at school. Some common examples are having raffle tickets or entry fees at each event.

Volunteer For Social Issues Outside of School

Finding a local issue to contribute to outside of school is an effective way to get students to come together and feel like they are making an instant change in society. Be sure to put up flyers to encourage non-members to participate as well. Picking up trash in a local park, covering graffiti, and volunteering at elderly homes are good examples of bringing the change outside of school.

Other Programs

United 4 Social Change is open to adding other programs that work to achieve our mission.  You are definitely not limited to the programs listed above, although they are great starting points as these programs have had a lot of success in that past.  Any ideas for a new program should be emailed to National Headquarters ([email protected]). You may start your own programs after getting approval from the National HQ. You must keep accurate records of the number of people you have helped through your program(s) and how you have helped them and report this figure to the National HQ on a monthly basis.